The high quality upholstery material skai® Cool Colour Vigo is equipped with Cool Colours technology. It reduces the heat build-up of the surface when exposed to direct sunlight. The nano coating makes the material extremely weather, UV and dirt resistant. skai® Cool Colours Vigo has a fine sporty/elegant appearance and a pleasant feel.

Recognized with the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material and Design 2013.

  • Light Fast
  • Long Lasting
  • Tear Resistant
  • Easy To Clean
  • Abrasion Resistant 100,000 Martindale
  • Disinfectants Resistant
  • Blood and Urine Resistant
  • Chlorine and Salt water Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Weather Resistance
  • IMO FTPC Part 8
  • Crib5 available
  • Sustainable
Navy Blue

Technical Properties

Material Composition: 2% Nano-hightec compund, 85% PVC Compound, 13% PES knitted fabri
Weight: 580g/m2
Thickness: 1.35mm
Roll Width: 140cm
Roll Length: 30m

Application / Processing

Suitable for many kinds of upholsteries and coverings in the upholstery industry. Especially suitable for the use in the modern residential and contract area, in public buildings and institutions. Problem-free processing in the usual procedures (sewing, tacking, sticking, nailing). Do not use solvent-based adhesives!

Fabric care

For durable joy with your skai® material, please clean regularly. Pollution by oil, fat and ink must be removed immediately. Clean with warm, mild soap sud and a micro-fibre cloth or a soft hand brush. Please, do not use solvents, chloride, abrasives, chemical cleaning agents or wax polishes. Please note that colorings by jeans or other textiles are excluded from any manufacturer’s guarantee.

Special Notes

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